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News Forum - Thailand News Today | Inflation and fuel prices disrupting travel to Thailand


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Thailand is counting on the approaching high season to bring in up to 10 million tourists by the end of 2022 but inflation and the rise of fuel prices has resulted in fewer international flights arriving.  There are also problems in both Europe and the US with flights being cancelled or with long delays. Numerous airline companies say they are hesitant to add more routes or increase the number of flights as there are many global challenges affecting their revenue and ability to increase frequency of flights. They cite higher operating costs caused by rising oil prices and longer flights […]

The story Thailand News Today | Inflation and fuel prices disrupting travel to Thailand as seen on Thaiger News.

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Both Chinese and Russian travellers will be thin on the ground for at least the rest of 2022.

Has to be the most understated comment I have ever read on Thaiger.

But all this is irrelavant as the millionaires in their private jets are in holding patterns above Bangkok there are so many of them,  when they finally get on the ground they'll be buying those top drawer Elite visas, buying condos by the dozen and splashing a few million more daily.

(until they wake up and realize that Thailand isn't and never will be up to their standards)

<comment removed for your safety>

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No sh!t Sherlock springs immediately to mind.

Thailand desperately needs to find a non-invasive means of transferring brain cells between government departments because there is an alarming shortage in play.

Alternate days see one department forecasting 5 million descending on Pattaya from the bowels of the Hindu Kush whilst the next sees another raising the possibility of economic catastrophe because they don't have sufficient planes to get the aforementioned punters in place.

I am delaying my next outward return to Thailand until mid-September to by-pass all the current, and entirely predictable post-Covid pick-up madness. Unless you have kids in tow, why would anyone bother? How hard can it be for tourist business professionals to see what everybody else already nows?

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