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News Forum - Tangmo: Boat buddy Robert admits ‘lurch’ flung actress overboard


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One of the five boat buddies — i.e. “witnesses” — of Thai actress Nida “Tangmo” Patcharaveerapong has admitted to causing the vessel to “lurch,” tossing the celebrity actress overboard where she drowned in the Chao Phraya River in Nonthaburi on the night of February 24, the Bangkok Post reported police as saying Tuesday. Phaiboon “Robert” Trikanjananun, told investigators he had little experience steering boats, so he wanted to try taking the speedboat for a spin that night, said deputy commissioner of the Provincial Police Region 1, Pol Maj Gen Udorn Yomcharoen. According to the officer, Robert’s story goes like this… That […]

The story Tangmo: Boat buddy Robert admits ‘lurch’ flung actress overboard as seen on Thaiger News.

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This scenario is exactly what I predicted happened except I believe he lurched the boat forward on purpose to frighten her or put her in the water!

Apart from that I believe it is very suspicious about the hair transplant argument?

can we see his receipt for that and why would you not allow the test ?

The other question remains ?

why did Robert take the buoyancy ring away from her grasp ?

Why food they keep it all a secret?

Too many more questions?

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If it was just a lurch of the boat, why all the cover up saying she went back to the back of the boat to relieve herself.  

Too many answers that don't make sense.  If the boat lurched forward she would have been thrown a distance in back of the boat away from the propeller.  

If she was accientally thrown off the back, why doesn't someone on the boat immediately call authorities to assist in the search. 

If she was thrown from the back of the boat, she would not be unconscious but rather would come to the surface and scream for help. 

Personally, I think the acress was set up to entertain sexually someone.  When she refused to cooperate she was deliberately killed.  Perhaps she jumped off the boat to escape and the gash came when they steered the boat to run her over. 

I don't know but the answers so far don't pass the smell test. 

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23 minutes ago, Transam said:

If the boat did have the 300hp Merc O/B, she may have been shot backwards with force,  bashed her head on the O/B, plus, if the rather large prop was in gear rotating, then it may have caused her the damage on route.

She may even have got prop damage if they tried looking for her, who knows.

I have driven speed boats since I was a small child.  Yes it did have a 300 HP outboard.  I stand by my statement that if she was thrown from the thrust of the boat she would have landed in the water sufficiently far away from the propeller. 

If she was injured when they were looking for her, than why not admit it.  She would have come to the surface screamed for help.  There is supposedly a video showing a bouyancy ring being pulled away from her.  If that is true, then it is clear their intent was never to rescue her but rather to kill her. 


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News Forum - Tangmo: Boat buddy Robert admits ‘LURCH’ flung actress overboard

Now Thai Police on the hunt for Lurch. Expect soon to see they raise a interpol red notice on him.




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If the investigation does not lead to anything, is not clarified.
The Thai people ask the Cobalt Company to take action by this share.
Because our famous thai actress died with the Cobalt brand speed boat 25 SC.
Do the Thai owner respect the certification delivred by Cobalt Company?
We all Thai in thailande as well from over the world need clarification.
CEO of Cobalt Company if you read this share, intervene with Thai authority and deputy,representative of thai people ส.ส.เต้, Please .

Thai people ask you, please .
Don't let this story turn like 1981 on the death of Natalie Wood in california Thanks so much,
please help us. Check all the Cobalt 25SC boats.
We respect the Cobalt brand and its policy.
We need your intervention to clarify the death of our famous actress aboard the boat Cobalt 25 SC.

Thanks so much...

                                    From Thai people

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