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News Forum - UNICEF urges Thailand to invest in its children’s education or suffer


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UNICEF urges Thailand to invest in its children’s education for the socioeconomic prosperity of the country. The humanitarian organization made the plea on the back of a report which revealed a large majority of Thai students drop out of education halfway through. Kyungsun Kim, director of UNICEF Thailand, said the number of Thais who are …

The story UNICEF urges Thailand to invest in its children’s education or suffer as seen on Thaiger News.

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There must be a total revamp of the education system to see the necessary improvements and results. English has to be introduced into the system from primary level up to tertiary and has to be a mandatory to qualify in each level before going to the next level. All private institutes has to adhere to the public education system syllabus to make it standard across the country. Those who have not gone through the public education system until secondary level, should not be allowed to enter public universities. Only those who have attended local public university should be allowed in to the public service system. Those from overseas degree should not be allowed to enter public service systems. English, Mathematics and  Science should be also taught in English in public schools from primary level......if these changes are implemented, then there is a strong possibility that in next 20 years the level of education in the country will gain big growth.  

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My son goes to Thamassat University, supoposedly one of the best in the country


And I do think he has learned quite a bit


But half the stuff is ass backwards, he never knows when his semester will end, when tests are.........



It will be interesting to see how he does when trying to get certified in Canada in his major, Physical Therapy

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A huge problem generated by years of military/dictatorial governance.

If a genuine democratic government is voted in, they may start to move forward (i.e, Move forward party).

There was an opportunity to move the country forward several years back with the 'Future forward party' headed up by a very capable, intelligent, well educated, worldly wise individual named 'Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit'.

Unfortunately, and disastrously for the future of Thailand, the baboons in charge had him side-lined.

What will happen at the next election in May??????

I doubt they'll move forward.

Until the dictatorial evil is removed, Thailand's future is bleak......as are so many other countries (Myanmar etc) that have evil at the helm.

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