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We got the Top 5 Song's from our Members So next we have Movies.


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11 hours ago, vlad said:

Schindler's List. 

??? A favorite? It moved me beyond belief.  I remember walking out of the cinema, in Boston, and for at least two blocks the people who left the cinema around me...were quiet.  No one could speak.

Favorite Five?

1. Roxanne - RomCom with Steve Martin and Darryl Hannah - incredible script, and the "background" humor is almost as good as what's framed in the screen.

2. Nate and Hayes - The best pirate movie ever made with Tommy Lee Jones and Micheal O'Keefe.

3. My Favorite Year - Peter O'Toole in his most hilarious role as a washed up action hero actor.

4. The Blues Brothers - Akroyd and Belushi with incredible music.

5. Mr. Baseball - Tom Selleck as baseball player traded to Japan.  A great "fish out of water" story to which we can all relate.

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The Godfather- I believe in America

Groundhog day- come again

Blade Runner - tears in rain

Manhattan -( no he is not a pedo!)

Monrak Transistor- best ever Thai film

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The Blues Brothers (All time favourite....I love counting how many dances we used to do!)

Fast and Furious (franchise and not just one film)

Blade Runner (first movie and not the remake)

The King's Speech (great historical story and well acted)

Babe (the Australian movie about the little pig...favourite feel good!)

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Good choices there guys Shawshank is a good film. if you want a good watch id suggest " The Amazing Mr Blunden " good family film from the 70s basically about a boy and a girl transported back the the 18 century in a old Mansion that was burned down they are transported back prior to the fire brilliant film. 

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The Big Lebowski

By the Coen Brothers, with Jeff Bridges

Zorba the Greek

By Michael Cacoyannis, with Anthony Quinn

2001 – A Space Odyssey

By Stanley Kubrick, with Keir Dullea

One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest

By Milos Forman, with Jack Nicholson

Pennies from Heaven

By Herbert Ross, with Steve Martin

     ... and while I am it (difficult to limit to only 5) >

The Great Dictator

By and with Charlie Chaplin


By Milos Forman, with Tom Hulce

As Good as it Gets

By James Brooks, with Jack Nicholson & Holly Hunter

Doctor Strangelove

By Stanley Kubrick, with Peter Sellers

Pulp Fiction

By Quentin Tarantino, with John Travolta

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1. The Thin Red Line:  Terrance Malick at his lyrical best

2. Bridge on the River Kwai:  Because it's great, not because it is in Thailand (but that helps)

3. The Great Escape:  Steven McQueen's motorcycle ride

4. The Shawshank Redemption:  Never gets old

5. The Exorcist:  One of the few truly scary films

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Class films there Steve. i watched a Documentary on Steve McQueen where the docc maker spoke to the Stuntman that did the wire jump, the Producer on Great Escape would not risk The lead Actor McQueen injuring himself because he wanted to do the stunt himself. So after filming was finished he did indeed do the bike stunt.

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