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News Forum - No chance of parole for Bangkok’s imprisoned gorilla


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After the latest round of public outcry, authorities claim for the umpteenth time that little can be done about gorilla Bua Noi, 33 years old, confined to a small cell in a Bangkok shopping mall. According to Natural Resources and Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa, the owners are free to continue doing as they please with the beast they have kept in medieval conditions for decades. Swerving any responsibility for Bua Noi’s plight, Varawut said … “Pata Zoo promised to take care of her until her last days. And as her owner, it has the right to do so. In principle, […]

The story No chance of parole for Bangkok’s imprisoned gorilla as seen on Thaiger News.

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A question I have, is why has this only come to light now? Why have authorities allowed this vile situation to continue for so long? I hope foreign media outlets run this story on prime time television  perhaps it may make people think twice before going to Thailand

Land of Smiles. What a joke!! 

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Cruelty to animals are among the first signs of a psychopath developing in children. The fact that there are not more people seeing the cruelty and injustice of having this animal locked up for so many years deprived of it's fellow creatures and in solitary confinement shows us what evil species we have developed into. There are still those among us that can see how wrong this is, but obviously not enough to change anything. What to do with this poor creature is difficult to answer. Obviously there is no way that releasing this animal back into the wild is feasible as that would take ages to readjust and readapt it's behavior. But for a country that prides itself on it's Buddhist philosophy it's shameful that this was allowed to happen for such a long time .

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How ridiculous that some authority cannot seize this animal. For many years I used to feed two monkeys kept at an elephant trekking place in Phuket. They were in a huge enclosure and I used to bring them tangerines (as so many just bought the bananas from the operating business). They appeared to be very healthy and happy swinging about their home. Although noone was meant to touch them, one used to put his arm through for a "massage" and then poke the other one through before finally hanging with his back against the mesh wire to get his back scratched.

I came back a few years ago and they were gone, the authorities had taken them away to a zoo. Surely some government department can do this for Bua Noi o r fine the owner 5000 baht per day for keeping an animal in unacceptable conditions.

I bet if I offered an official 200,000 baht to make this happen, it would. I don't mind contributing to a bribery fund.


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Pretty sure if people stopped using the mall in protest suddenly this animal would be found somewhere more suitable so the truth is that the populace care more about their convenience than the misery of this creature, doesn't sit too well with the values of Buddhism but then we all know that Thais are very good at talking the talk but not at walking the walk!  

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The ape was bought under a different law that was since changed. It makes the whole situation difficult. I do believe in the rule of law. If it was legal and later made illegal, then that is as good as it gets. 

It's sad to see humans and animals suffer. And i agree there's too much suffering. Also in Thailand.

But at least with the ape you can take direct action and financially support the release of the animal. 


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You can't simply introduce a male gorilla, to an existing social group. For they might be peaceable vegetarians, but they are territorial, especially the males, as we all should remember if we love gorilla's. There are, or at least we're, worse enclosures in Pata Zoo, than the one the gorilla is in. 

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