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News Forum - Flooding may impact Thailand’s tourism recovery


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Hopes for Thailand’s tourism industry to recover are being challenged by the worst flooding the kingdom has seen in years. With large areas of croplands being suffocated by seasonal storms and rising rivers, food prices are at risk of increasing while tourism recovery is undoubtedly being slowed. According to Bangkok Post, popular tourist destinations are now being flooded by heavy rains after tropical storm Noru hit the country. An estimated 1.2 million rai of cropland was hit with almost 82,000 houses reportedly damaged across 510 districts. As more storms are forecasted for the next few weeks, the government is taking […]

The story Flooding may impact Thailand’s tourism recovery as seen on Thaiger News.

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the only thing that will impact the recovery is the cost of living crisis due to the instability of the marks due to the war between russia and the ukraine

If people dont have money they wont come

However i expect an influx of younger backpackers arriving in december so dont worry thailand they are coming back .. mainly cos those kids dont pay their own bills ... its getting to the stage where three months in thailand will be cheaper than three months in the UK

$300 a month for rent in a cheap guesthouse food say 500-1000 a day (no sexy nightlife) it all adds up, uk some rents are topping 45000 baht a month now.

ive seen more backpackers in my neck of the woods rencently and i aint in bkk or pattaya or  anywhere like that. I was reading about travellers habits changing and I think some of them are out there looking for the real thailand than these fake naughty streets where all the old folk hang out and overpriced bars with small leos for 100 baht when the real price is 65 baht for a big one.

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Nah - the many Gondoloa will be here soon from Venice via the sister city pact.

Image result for Gondola Graceful gondolas 1094

Cheaper than subs and aircraft carriers.

All will be well, just ask Pnut.


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