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News Forum - Warning to Thai travellers: don’t take cannabis to other countries


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With the decriminalization of cannabis on June 9, many in Thailand have gone buckwild with the newfound freedom to grow, sell, and partake of popular plant. The government is taking steps to rein in the free-for-all and bring some regulations and restrictions to its usage, and now they’re warning people to keep in mind that legalization in Thailand does not equal global legalization, and bringing cannabis to other countries could send your holidays up in smoke. Authorities are reminding people that cannabis, hemp, or marijuana is still considered a narcotic and illegal in many countries, and they’re urging Thai nationals […]

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Ahhh the double edge sword ⚔️ I recently came back from Las Vegas and in Vegas marijuana is legal. There’s signs everywhere at the airport that clearly say “marijuana is illegal at this airport”. Same signs are up at LAX airport in California, marijuana is legal there too. The airports are islands of there own and carry federal charges for anyone caught in possession of any illegal narcotics. Brittney Griner appears in Russian court on drug smuggling charges 🤔. Here in Texas it illegal but only carry the weight of a traffic citation if it’s under a certain amount. But at the DFW airport if your caught with marijuana it’s a federal charge. I get it and totally agree with each country “do not travel with any type of drugs” even if you have a medical marijuana card its only good in the state it’s issued. protect yourself from going to jail and all the hassles that go with it.

Thank You


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