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PM orders investigation into pricey street lamps


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Thailand’s PM has ordered an investigation into accused corruption over decorative street lamps in Samut Prakan. Prayut Prayut Chan-o-cha has ordered an investigation into local governments for the purchase of 600 kinaree (animal-human hybrid/Buddhist mythical figures) street lamps in the Racha Thewa sub-district. The Racha administrative organisation is accused of blowing through over 642 million baht to install 6,773 lamps. 600 of which are solar powered. It should be noted that the 6,773 number is ambiguous as other sources place it even higher. Despite the swirling lamp centred controversy, 684 million baht has been approved by the local government for […]

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5 minutes ago, AlexPTY said:

is there anything PM is not involved in? Someone please read him his job description

That will do no good. He wrote his job description.

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They should do an Al Capone on the the persons that allowed the purchase of these street lamps.

Simply ask them, how did you buy that ne Mercedes, and the same car in pink for your wife?

How much did that gold watch cost.

Where did you make the money to buy that weekend condo? On the money you earn?

If they cannot answer, jail them for tax evasion.

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I can just imagine the conversations taking place in homes right now all over the world. Where to go for our holidays? Should we go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower, to Rome's Colosseum, Las Vegas' casinos, the pyramids of Egypt, the canals of Venice, the shops and beaches of Dubai? 

No, i know, lets go to Samut Prakan and look at all the lamposts. 

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