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Restaurant operators repeat calls for financial aid


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Thailand’s restaurant owners are pleading for state relief as they struggle to stay afloat amid tight Covid-19 prevention measures. Taniwan Koonmongkon from the Thai Restaurant Association says the PM’s aim of re-opening the country fully by October provides some hope but for now, restaurants are struggling. “Restaurant operators feel hopeful after the premier on Wednesday set a goal of fully re-opening the country to foreign visitors within 120 days to pave the way for an economic recovery, but we are still waiting for relief from the government.” According to a Bangkok Post report, the TRA is calling for a 300,000 […]

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We've seen far too many permanent restaurant closures in Chiang Mai already.  I hate to think how many may remain by October.

Large chains are not exempt from this as they have high rents in major malls and other outgoings which continue even if temporarily closed.  eg: S&P have gone from Central Airport Plaza and several others may do so if leases are coming to an end.

Hole-in-the-wall operations barely pay a living wage so they'll pop up again one day, possibly under new ownership.

Medium sized stand-alone restaurants are barely surviving if selling via GRAB, Panda and other delivery means. 

A cull of poorly managed, underfunded or unpopular outlets may be seen as one benefit.  The other benefit is the employment of food delivery people, many displaced out of tourism or associated work places.

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this is called "market economy" if you cannot operate in the current market conditions or adopt, no bailout will save you. what's next? bail out go-go bars? because why not, it's a business too. hotels? sure, real estate developers? yes, street vendors?

You know, Hoosiers recognize pork when we see it. And they recognize what bailing out every failing business in America means - We're burying generations under a mountain range of debt. - Mike Pence 

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28 minutes ago, AlexPTY said:

if you cannot operate in the current market conditions or adopt, no bailout will save you.

Agree 100%, Alex. Any decently-run business will have sufficient resources - cash, mostly in this type of crisis - to enable it to adapt to the difficulties. This country has now become too used to the free and largely populist-driven handouts that have been thrown around like confetti of late.

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