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News Forum - Economic aftershocks of Russia’s invasion on Thailand’s economy


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Nearly two months after Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine, countries across Asia are bracing themselves for rising inflation and supply chain disruptions, following increasing sanctions on the Russian state.  According to experts, the most affected is Thailand, where commodity trading with its European counterpart has become almost impossible. Different types of commodities traded and the individuals that trade have been the heaviest hit. One such individual is Peyton Enloe, a Bangkok-based exporter, who claims that getting Thai fruit and vegetables onto Russian supermarket shelves is arduous. The war has had its toll on the Russian currency, which […]

The story Economic aftershocks of Russia’s invasion on Thailand’s economy as seen on Thaiger News.

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"The Asian giant remains one of the few willing to trade with Russia at these times, and as the European nation becomes more isolated, it will heavily lean on China."

And there it is...

Even if Russia "wins" the war in Ukraine (which it can't and won't), it'll become reliant on China which will squeeze Russia dry. Why will China do that? Because it can; see the BRI Initiative for details.

Well done, Vlad-Baby! You are making your once-great nation into a Chinese vassal state.

What an idiot.

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Let the Salims of Thailand reap what they sowed!

Meanwhile, will someone who watches Tucker Carlson please unpack how Russia became America's BFF -and when.

Carlson disgraces the likes of General George S Patton, who had some idea this would eventually happen. And wanted to crush Russia while he had the chance!

Let's compare and contrast, what has that born-rich fox-mouthed little bitch ever done for his country? Tell me!

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12 hours ago, Zorba_the_Geek said:

And wanted to crush Russia while he had the chance!

Surely the decades long raging hard on that America has to crush Russia must be ready to explode by now? All that nuclear powered Viagra abuse cannot be healthy. I miss the good old days of people hating people because they believed in a different religion. It was so much simpler. Nowadays it’s about the bad man at the top oppressing his own population. It was the same script for Sodom Insane and Iraq. We know who came out the clear winners in those wars and it wasn’t the Iraqi population. Sometimes, you just gotta keep your beliefs to yourself and let other people clean up their own mess, if they want to. I don’t particularly care because I made lasagna and that’s far more important. 

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This war that Russia has started is reaching new lows by the Russians. The Russians are doing genocide against the Ukrainian people. Maybe not with the speed that was done in Cambodia but still they are wiping out entire villages with indiscriminate artillery. But what really is disturbing is the rape of women and children the soldiers are committing and the fact that their commanders have authorized the killing of civilians as apparently they are all Nazis? What is being revealed from village after village the Ukrainians have liberated is mass graves and civilians being executed with a bullet to the head. There are so many examples of war crimes that this is beyond attempted genocide. 

What would you do if a stranger broke into your house raped your daughter and killed your family while saying we are here to protect you from Nazis? Then they leave and take all your valuables to bring back to Russia as common criminals? Then you have wife's of Russian soldiers saying it is ok to rape women just make sure you use protection. This war that Russia has started is not going to end well. I feel sorry for the Russians who do not support Putin yet are going to have to live with the label of being Russian. The atrocities that Russians are committing is beyond shooting down civilian airliners. I worry that we are in slow motion for world war 3 and with Russian newsbroadcasters joking that they will nuke all of america and it would be funny I have no idea how they think over there any more. The Russian army can barely take any territory from Ukraine. How would they do if they were at war with NATO and had to deal with incursions on all areas of their border? I doubt their nukes even work seeing how well their Moskova did and it was cutting edge as it was considerably newer than their nukes. 

Russian people need to start taking responsibility for their leaders actions or else their travel abroad will not be that friendly as the history under Putins Legacy is not going to be kind to them.

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