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News Forum - Pakistan’s Imran Khan ousted from PM position


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Following a parliamentary vote of no confidence last week, Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan has been ousted. The vote came after Pakistan’s opposition parties accused Khan of economic mismanagement, as well as poor governance. The country’s Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that a decision to block the no confidence vote was unconstitutional. Now, Khan claims that opposition to him is backed by the US. On Friday, Khan addressed the public and claimed the no confidence vote was caused by a “foreign conspiracy” tied with the US. Khan alleged that the US was targeting him because he couldn’t easily be used as […]

The story Pakistan’s Imran Khan ousted from PM position as seen on Thaiger News.

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Who cares.  Its a failed State, riddled with corruption and radical terrorists.  They can't even stop themselves cheating at cricket. This will never change. 

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Perhaps he saw the writing on the Wall since quite some time and lost the armtwisting with the Elephant which is closely knit with the Paki Army. He looked for his Asian Neighbor China and that caused his end.

Interesting to see who and what's next. The country is in a strategic important location and since India has alienated itself a bit from the Elefant Pakistan would be the next logic option for the bigger geopolitical game.

We should however not forget that Pakistan aswell as it's neighbor India are both nuclear weapon countries and so is China and as we hopefully not find out too soon Russia, too.

The current heat is the War in Europe and reason and logic has taken a back seat. France is close enough to see a radical switch to a extreme right wing government. Hungary declared not to join the War with Russia/Ukraine and Britain.....................................................................well nothing to add.

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And as for the sunday treat of TheThaiger i would like to thank the Moderator of the Forum to grant me a special status:

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Collaborator (7/14)
I feel honored and will from now on wear a white Z Sticker on my Shirt.


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