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Any solar/electrical knowledgeable members?

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I'm thinking of buying something like this as an emergency power bank and something to be able to take out camping   https://shopee.co.th/♈▥☸ALLPOWERS-Portable-Power-Station-110-220V-Solar-Generator-2000W-500W-300W-100W-Emergency-Power-Supply-Fit-For-Iphone-i.429595744.10681779645?sp_atk=c0a44748-5d31-4515-9ade-03cdcfd2697f&xptdk=c0a44748-5d31-4515-9ade-03cdcfd2697f.  I see that you can hook up solar to this type of unit and recharge the batteries via portable solar panels.  They recommend something like this for a solar panel.   https://shopee.co.th/ALLPOWERS-100-Watts-แผงโซล่าเซลล์-100W-แบบพกพา-พับได้-i.316632427.10541481715?sp_atk=4aa6aa81-64e8-4ec7-9435-59c4df24aa4c

What I am trying to figure out is would having these two items simply be a plug and play for charging, or is there more to it?  I also came across something called an MPPT charge controller, but I am not sure if this would be needed for something small like these two items.  

If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated.

As a side note, I've also looked into adding solar to the house, but when I inquired years ago it was not worth it to recoup the investment.

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