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News Forum - Thai schoolgirl dies from electric shock while charging phone


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In a series of events becoming too familiar in Thailand, a 13 year old schoolgirl was electrocuted while charging her phone and was found dead by her grandmother. A frayed extension cable is believed to be the cause. On Monday at 1.30pm, officers at Ban Na Police Station in Nakhon Nayok province were informed a …

The story Thai schoolgirl dies from electric shock while charging phone as seen on Thaiger News.

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Time the Govt stepped up and made it law for ALL homes, new and old to install cut out boards.

They can afford to spend thousands of baht on phones (show me a Thai that doesn't have one) so surely, they can afford something to save their lives.

Do think the Govt should subsidise the cost of installation,

They find baht for many other stupid stunts.  (New Years Eve Phuket springs to mind.)

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The sad thing is these accidents are completely preventable - make it mandatory to install RCD or a similar cut-off mechanism in the breaker panel, and also start prosecuting people for negligence in case of third party deaths. No one should ever use an extension cord with exposed wire, and leaving it somewhere others can pick it up and get electrocuted should make them at least partially liable.

Amazing that (some) Thais don't think about those things themselves - who on earth thinks it's a good idea to use a clearly broken extension cord?

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The gist of the story is when is time to think for yourself... not a strong point for Thais... the information is readily available in this day and age... but not on TIKTOK

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