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News Forum - New variant detected in Thailand, doctor calls out CCSA for under-reporting infections


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The latest sub-variant of the Covid-19 virus, BA 2.75, has been detected in the southern Thai province of Trang. Like BA.4 and BA.5, the more recent BA. 2.75 sub-variant is a more transmissible sub-variant of the Omicron strain. The new sub-variant was first detected in India early June and had already spread to 14 other countries, including Japan, Germany, the UK, Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand. Singapore recently confirmed its first two cases of BA.2.75, from passengers returning from India on July 17. They were asymptomatic and recovered by themselves in isolation. The Singapore Ministry of Health says it […]

The story New variant detected in Thailand, doctor calls out CCSA for under-reporting infections as seen on Thaiger News.

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2 hours ago, Thaiger said:

doctor calls out CCSA for under-reporting infections

A bit late, posters here knew about that already 2 yeaes ago.

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That assumes there’s any merit to tallying cases.

Flu infections are best estimated by  sampling and data—not the collection of millions of tests and published in the newspaper daily.

Public health officials should have sampling and polling to estimate—as well as sampling to test how much of the population has previously had covid. But that doesn’t need to be reported daily with hysterical headlines like “Cases Up” ignoring deaths are down. 

Also I’d be interested to see the death rate for reinfections—I’m guessing that’s going to be crazy low.

The 15 minutes for these power hungry medicrats seems to be coming to a close—good riddance.  

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I think basically it’s now like the common cold or perhaps a flu variant and should be treated so and those with health problems voluntarily taking precautions. I and no doubt many others no longer bother to read all the fear peddling. Accept the virus and get on with life. 

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5 hours ago, Thaiger said:

It's not "under reporting". The government is only reporting hospitalized cases. Does this doctor want to go back in time to scare the already traumatized Thai population even more? We're over this now. It's a flu. Start treating it like one.

76% of the population has been double vaccinated, 43% have had a booster shot. That's up there towards the top most vaccinated countries in the world. OK, not as high as Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and several other neighboring nations, but higher than Switzerland, which has ended ALL restrictions and the USA, which has scrapped most (though it depends on the state/county).

Thailand can't live under a permanent state of fear or restrictions. Enough with this nonsense already. People who haven't been vaccinated aren't going to be vaccinated now, while those who don't want booster shots, aren't going to get one. Leave it alone already. Covid is over.

You don't see this kind of propaganda blasted over the Lao, Burmese or Vietnamese media. There's barely been any Covid related news in those countries in weeks.

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