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News Forum - Thailand News Today | Poll shows 2/3rds of Thais tired of wearing masks


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  A new poll shows that Thais are tired of wearing masks and prefer to skip the inconvenience in many instances. The poll was conducted online by the Department of Health Service Support to judge people’s feelings about the relaxed Covid-19 restrictions in Thailand now. 7,500 people responded to the opinion poll that was conducted between June 17 and June 30, with nearly two-thirds of respondents saying that there were certain places that they prefer to no longer wear their masks. When asked about specific places Thai people do not want to mask up, entertainment venues were the top answer. […]

The story Thailand News Today | Poll shows 2/3rds of Thais tired of wearing masks as seen on Thaiger News.

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Those stats are meaningless, the only people in my city not wearing masks are mechanics and market workers everyone else is masked to the hilt ...

I asked someone to pulll down there mask today as I couldnt understand a word they were saying .... guess what??

They were double masking

I couldnt help laughing that was a 16 year old .... lol masks are here to stay until the government actually dares to make a statement to the contrary. I dont wear mine while walking about. . i realised about two years ago all this rubbish about excess Co2 from masks was rubbish .. if you cant breath wearing a mask of course its bad for you, its not rocket science

those scientists were lying again

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My experience is similar, in a town with a population close to 100,000 everyone is wearing a mask. Thais are still worried about Covid. 

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Im not tired of masks. I use them only in closed areas. Never use outside, newer use in restaurants and newer use in open shops, gas stations, parks, etc

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