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News Forum - More drama with Pattaya’s Jomtien Beach vendors


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More drama has ensued between beach goers and vendors at Jomtien Beach in the south of Pattaya. A photo posted earlier this week on the Facbeook page Footpath Thai Style raised alarm bells about the lack of walking space available on the beach. The photo shows the beach crowded due to street vendors and other beachgoers. In April, authorities reorganised the beach’s vendors to give tourists more space to enjoy beach vibes after they received complaints that food carts are blocking the traffic and parking areas along the beach. After investigating the area, police found that sellers parked their food carts […]

The story More drama with Pattaya’s Jomtien Beach vendors as seen on Thaiger News.

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40 minutes ago, Prosaap said:

Leave it to the thai to create chaos one of the only things they are really good at

It seems that the only thing you're really good at is complaining about Thailand while being either in Thailand or just on a forum about Thailand. If Thai people bother you so much, why not find a different place where  you can be more happy? Almost every of your comments is about how Thai people can't do shit and are good for nothing. Bad experiences in Thailand? 

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Personally I don't get why people like to go to Jomtien Beach, on such a full beach. Even though it's full, people still keep coming. 

You actually don't have to look far to find a beautiful beach all for yourself. 

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Why bother having laws that are not enforced? I am referring to the  laws that said that the commercial enterprises were not to operate on the beach. These vendors do not pay any tax for the  public beach access. Instead, they are a main source of the beach pollution, noise and traffic problems. Keep in mind that the Pattaya restaurants and shops do pay tax and license fees. The patrons of such businesses also contribute to the upkeep of Pattaya because they pay the taxes when they purchase services. The beach vendors are parasites getting a free ride at the public's expense and creating a problem that they don't take responsibility for. The beach is public space, not the property of beach thugs.

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