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News Forum - Dengue hasn’t gone away – Dengue fever in Thailand 2022, and how to avoid it


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Covid-19, and the controls taken to limit its spread, have clearly disrupted essential health services and other disease control programs worldwide – school closures, lockdowns, curfews and social restrictions, hoping to limit the spread of Covid-19. But those enforced changes have also resulted in the transmission of other infectious diseases, including dengue fever. Despite dropping off the radar in the past 2 years, both in public interest and in actual cases, dengue is now making a comeback in places like Thailand. Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection that has continued to pose a significant public health challenge, and has been […]

The story Dengue hasn’t gone away – Dengue fever in Thailand 2022, and how to avoid it as seen on Thaiger News.

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I got it long ago here

you do NOT want to get this....took me weeks to recover.....wiped me off the board..hospital  4 days

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I got dengue in 2017. confirmed by bloodsamples in lab. Doctor wanted to load me up with a lot of antibiotics and vitamin. also said there is no real cure for it. Since I try to be my own doctor, I searched the internet. Found an  (indian) site which mentioned papaya leafs, crushed/blended, can cure denque (and malaria...).

Refused the doctors offered medicine. drank the bitter crushed papaya leafs twice/day. also took fa-ta-la-jorn and drank those electrolite powders a couple times a day.

results: on the day I started with these alternative medicine, the redblood cell count was 80.000. I went to the lab daily for new tests. the 2nd day it was 150.000, and went up from there. 2 weeks later on my feet, and another 2 weeks for getting my energy to normal levels.

Just a personal story. no recommendation here. 🙂

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