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News Forum - UKRAINE UPDATE: 2nd round of peace talks ends without ceasefire, Zelensky asks for private meeting with Putin, planes


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As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters its second week, here are the major stories circulating today… • Ukraine’s President Zelensky has asked Russian President Vladimir Putin for talks, one on one, saying this is the only way to end the war. Zelensky also appealed to the West to “give me planes” to fight the invasion. He warns that if Russia captures Ukraine, the Baltic states will be next. Putin has been receiving European heads of state and ambassadors to the Kremlin at a now famously long table. • Russian and Ukrainian negotiators agree to organise humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians, though […]

The story UKRAINE UPDATE: 2nd round of peace talks ends without ceasefire, Zelensky asks for private meeting with Putin, planes as seen on Thaiger News.

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Slight air of unreality here folks. 

About effective as standing in front of a column of tanks doing 30 mph.

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It's likely Moldova will be next, if not before Russia is done with Ukraine. However he is correct in thinking the Baltics are not far behind. The Ukraine is not the end game, no matter what Putin says about "no ill intention" outside of them. After all, he did say he wasn't going to attack Ukraine multiple times and we all know how that turned out. 

Planes would be nice, but I can understand why it's a no go. No doubt Russia would consider that a clear escalation and threaten again to use nuclear weapons. Not that I think he would, I do consider it a hollow threat, but it's not something to be taken lightly either way. Keeping in mind it would be asking countries that are on the "next" list to give up parts of their air force with no replacements and the wolf at the door. 

At some point, threat or not, NATO will have to stand up to him. 

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Reality is starting to set in... The Russian "Cauldron" encirclement of the Ukrainian Army in the Eastern Donbass is nearly complete... Zelensky will now be forced to capitulate. 

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