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Successful Overclock / i5-8600K

Lyp14 [ctxa]

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I am unsure whether there's any members here who are into OverClocking their PCs. But in case somebody has a PC with the same CPU as this server of mine and wants to squeeze a little more of juice out of it, I am posting this as a starting point. 

So recently, one of my several home servers was starting to struggle a bit with the many loads it goes through as part of supporting my business. I have recently upgraded my other home server to a 12th Gen i7 (as it had an older CPU). However I am feeling that this i5-8600K can still be used for several more months. 


First my setup: 

CPU: i5-8600K 

MoBo: ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E

RAM: 64GB DDR4 Quad Channel (4x16) 

Cooling: Water-cooled


Below are the settings at which I found my OverClock to be stable: 

All Core Ratio: 50 

CPU Cache Ratio: 45

AVX Offset: 0/Auto 

Core Voltage: 1.34V (1.27 .. 1.40) *

CPU LLC: Level 2

RAM Profile: XMP


* The secret to OverClocking is finding the right voltage for your CPU. Even across the same model (i5-8600K), all CPUs are completely different, and your own one may need very different voltages from mine. 

This is because the more imperfections which occur in the silicon die during manufacture process, the higher the voltage will be needed, and so the higher the temperatures of course. 

I recommend starting out with 1.27V and stressing the CPU using software like AIDA64, if your PC crashes then you should increase the voltage by 0.1V until you can run AIDA64 stressing the CPU for at least 15 minutes without any crashes at all. 

Keep in mind the previous settings (including voltage range) only applies to this specific CPU, i5-8600K, if you own a different CPU and need any help at all, feel free to reply here and I will be happy to assists. Hopefully this will turn into a Thailand Farang OC Topic 😁




Disclaimer: OverClocking is generally safe. However it is very important that you never go above a certain voltage, remember if you put too much voltage into your CPU you will fry it. Whatever your CPU is you should Google the maximum safe voltage for your specific CPU. 

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