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Preferred accomodation in funtown?


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Hotel, guest house or rented condo?.

I'm very much for the quiet life these days, so my Hotel of choice in recent years has been the LK Royal Wing off Soi Bukhao, decent rooftop pool, decent rooms and good staff, with secure underground and outside parking. Prior to that it was either one of the Sabais or Eastiny Hotels, depending upon which had the better deal.

I have stayed in a few guest houses  in the past, in Soi pothole (chaiyapoon inn)  and previously the Irovers, but while they offered great value and good location, the noise did start to grind me down a bit, and I took to wearing earplugs in the end (which I prefer not to do in case I don't hear the fire alarm!).

Next I might be looking at a rented condo in VT6 for a month, or maybe somewhere around the Bukhao area.

Luckily I've never (touch wood) had any real issues in my choice of accomodation over all the years, and I do tend to adjust my expectations accordingly. I'd be interested to hear any suggestions from boardies, and hopefully before the end of the year we can start to look at booking up again :)

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Well, Air BNB is my choice to stay in a higher end condo with an amazing pool and well equipped gym, but not the best deal if you are looking for bang for your buck beyond a week or so. I have stayed at the Base central Pattaya for under 30 dollars a night, and that is in the middle of everything and mostly out of reach of loud music. I wanted to try the infinity pool overlooking the beach and I loved their gym.

For a really hassle free deal you could check out the Adelphi hotel that has a monthly rate of around 250$ a small gym and small but cute rooftop pool. More and more of the decent hotels are offering short term monthly deals, but they aren't advertised on their websites or on any travel sites. Just show up and ask for the monthly rate. ( they limit room cleaning to once a week at this rate ) and I have no idea if guests would be a hassle.

For the drop dead cheapest deals, make friends with a Thai gal. They have the insider info on the best deals. You may need to have them accompany you to get the locals only price... and that may cost you the price of lunch or something. I had a massage lady I just met ( regular massage ) walk me to the Copa hotel and I got their biggest room ( normally 44 dollars a night ) for 25$ a night. It turned out to be a hotel that caters to gay dudes, but it was really nice, clean, with friendly staff... But I did get cat called by the fellas when I brought ladies to the room. It was comedy gold, I would happily do it again!

The OP has obviously been to Pattaya before, but I posted some extra info for any readers that are less experienced.

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