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News Forum - Buckle up! New law makes taxis ensure passenger wear safety belt


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Buckle up! An announcement requiring taxi drivers to warn their passengers to wear their safety belt has been issued and will become effective in November. The announcement was published in the Royal Gazette on August 7. The warning was declared by the National Police Office, which aims to establish a safety practice for taxi drivers … …

The story Buckle up! New law makes taxis ensure passenger wear safety belt as seen on Thaiger News.

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It is not only for taxis and passangers. It should be across the board and insurance companies can use this an an excuse not to compensate for any damage cost or life lost. It is only then those who are not paying imporatance to wear seat belt will change their attitude. Must have the "hot plate stove policy" to tacke it. 

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Yet again, an exceedingly dumb pronouncement.  Thousands of workers are constantly going too and fro in the open back of pick ups, thousands of school kids go too and fro in makeshift pick ups they hilariously call busses, hanging off the back as they are grossly over loaded, and the idiot authorities tell taxi passengers , in cars , to wear seat belts. It's tragically laughable. 

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This is an old law that is never enforced and cannot seriously be enforced across the board unless they want huge repercussions. Purely a money grab fro check points.

Article Quote


  1. Must sit on the specified seats for that type of vehicle.
  2. Do not sit over the number of seats.
  3. Do not sit on additional equipment beyond the specified seats.
  4. Do not stand on any part of the vehicle unless the vehicle is provided with a place for standing passengers.
  5. Do not reach any part of the body outside the vehicle while riding.

None of these rules work, and this should apply to police vehicles transporting themselves and suspects inside of their vehicles and in the backside of their pickup trucks.

Up above #5 is just plain stupid.


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