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News Forum - Greta Thunberg detained twice during demonstration over Indigenous rights


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Greta Thunberg has been detained twice during a recent demonstration over Indigenous rights. The environmental campaigner was participating in the demonstration in Oslo, Norway, when police removed her and other activists. According to the Japan Times, Thunberg joined protesters on Monday in demanding the removal of 151 wind turbines from reindeer pastures used by Sami …

The story Greta Thunberg detained twice during demonstration over Indigenous rights as seen on Thaiger News.

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Good on you, Greta.

Yes, I know that the tired old white guy brigade will be along shortly to say that she is 'Stupid" or "Brainwashed" or "A Globalist Menace" or a "Lefty" or some other such nonsense, but that is only a reflection of their own powerlessness and lack of purpose in this modern world.

While I don't agree with everything that she does or with every one of her causes, she is a young kid fighting for what she believes in; hey tired old white guys! Didn't you ever do the same? Moreover, the future belongs to her and her generation and I appreciate that she is kicking some tired old white guy ass to try to ensure that her future will be as good as ours was. Finally, It is easy (and reasonable) to criticize some whiny upper-class girl on a gap year who clicks a link and claims to be saving the planet, but that ain't Greta; she gets out of the house, puts the time into getting her causes recognized, and walks the walk instead of just whining the whine (yes, I am talking about you, tired old white guys).

Hey tired old white guys! If you aren't going to walk the walk anymore (I don't), why not donate some of that cash stuffed under your mattress to people who will?

Give'm hell, Greta!

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