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News Forum - PTSD cat seeks new home following Narathiwat terror blast


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A PTSD cat seeks a new home following the Narathiwat terror blast. Apart from the tragic loss of life and destruction of property, the car bomb that destroyed Narathiwat police apartments on Tuesday left one former resident homeless and hungry. A cat that was owned by one of the Narathiwat police officers lost in the blast is suffering from PTSD. The unnamed feline is still terrorised by the explosion. The explosion occurred in the middle of the day at a compound in the centre of Narathiwat which was home to many police officers, their families and pets. The homemade bomb […]

The story PTSD cat seeks new home following Narathiwat terror blast as seen on Thaiger News.

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"Insurgency in southern Thailand is an ongoing conflict with its immediate origins in the 194os, when a series of oppressive cultural laws with centralist aims were enforced, promoting the new concept of “Thai-ness.”

The act was directly aimed at the Patani people, overriding concessions to local Islamic administrative practice. The school curriculum was revised to be Thai-centric, with all lessons in the Thai language, to the detriment of the local Jawi.

Traditional Muslim courts that formerly handled civil cases were removed and replaced with civil courts run and approved by the central government in Bangkok."

Good on Thaiger mentioning this aspect of the Southern conflict. I despise the violence there and wish it would end for the benefit of all people and sides, but it is important to remember that every dispute has shades of grey.

There is a reason that Decentralization is a policy practiced widely around the globe.

I would love to give the Kitty-Cat a home.

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