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News Forum - Mother seeks help after 14 year old daughter turns to prostitution


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8 minutes ago, Pinga said:

I'll never understand why some guys feel they have to put down others as "they have no choice". This is Thailand - it's VERY easy to get a non-prostitute gf/wife. Working girls aren't mindless sex robots - they're human, with feelings, and sometimes can be great girls overall. It's certainly possible they genuinely fell in love and he was willing to overlook her past. I know couples like that and they have great relationships overall. Certainly better than many western marriages I've seen, lol.

Obviously not 99% are from Isaan, but there's an overly large percentage who are from there. As for the main reason I'd chalk it up to societal acceptance and reliance on income from direct and indirect prostitution. Many families will send or let their daughters go "work in the city" but will turn a blind eye as to what that work might actually be. Also they're not shy about accepting any and all funds resulting from such work. If you have a Isaan gf and go have dinner with her family you'll be 100% expected to pay, even if they all have jobs and make their own money. There is this perception that the foreigner pays for everything that really doesn't exist elsewhere.

I've met some Isaan people who are not like that - but they are highly educated and "rich" in Thai terms. I think the majority definitely have the mindset that foreigners are cash cows to be milked.

The point of the question I posed was to hopefully draw out the OBVIOUS answer. Issan is perhaps the poorest area of the country with mainly rice and sugar cane farmers in the villages. This level of poverty leads to one obvious way for pretty young girls in the family to help their wider family units and often save them from crippling debt.

I regard what many of these young girls do as courageous and selfless. Over the years I have come across many genuinely honest and nice girls working in bars. I have been pleased to see some of them find a decent Western guy to take care of them and build a decent life for themselves and often their children. Anyone who thinks being a prostitute and working in places like Pattaya or Phuket is easy money, simply have no idea what some of these girls go through. I don’t ever look down on them. In fact I respect and admire their commitment of their family. 

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