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OA to O visa - U.K. visit


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Firstly, apologies for the lengthy post as I have posted OA to O visa and a U.K. trip report together .

This is a report of my experience in killing my retirement extension from an original OA visa with a view to obtaining an O visa with future retirement extensions.

Like many who obtained the OA visa, some years ago, originally it was a good deal, despite the additional medical certificate, police check and only being applied for in home country ( or country of residence ), it offered a Multi Entry visa for 1 year with an additional 1 year permission to stay if timed right ( with re-entry permit ) and the added bonus that financial requirements could be met from your home/offshore bank etc meaning better interest rates. Many returning to their home country every 2 years for a new OA.

I obtained my OA in London in Oct 2016 after staying here previously on a non imm B and a couple of tourist visas. Life was good until an announcement mid 2019 that mandatory health insurance was required for new OA visas and retirement extensions thereof ( extensions on basis of marriage being exempt ). The insurance started October 2019 and i planned a U.K. visit in Mar 2020 with a visit to Hull Consulate for a 90 day O visa, all was planned ( flights, rental car and docs for visa) but Covid reared its ugly head so plans put on the back burner.

Choosing the cheapest LMG insurance, 6k for 2020 and 7.7k for 2021 , I paid the premiums as an additional extension payment and not thought of it as satisfactory insurance.

This year, shortly before my extension,  due date of Sept 25th, and the impending rise to 3 million baht coverage on Sept 1st ( which would increase my premium to 26,800 baht with the highest deductible ), I booked a U.K. visit. My trip was two fold, to kill the OA and a family visit, a border run would be sufficient to kill the OA alone.

Leaving Thailand mid August with no re-entry permit meant my retirement extension would become void, the IO at BKK departure immigration kindly pointed this out to me.

As the U.K. consulates were closed when Covid hit I chose to return visa exempt ( 30 days ) , an option of applying for an O visa online at Thai Embassy London exists but seems to be confusing to some so I avoided + i believe insurance is required going that route ??

Checking in at Manchester on Qatar Airways Sept 1st i had obtained a throwaway ticket ( onwardticket.com ) the day previously for $14 , it was not requested but my vaccination info was and my 2 x Pfizer from over a year ago were sufficient.

Arrival in BKK was relatively quick and painless, the IO making sure I was aware i was getting only 30 days stay, presumably from seeing my previous extension stamps, I had 20k baht but not requested.

Arriving home on a Fri, I visited my IO Mon to get the requirements for an O visa and returned Tues, while only 15 days remaining, of my exempt stay, are required I preferred to go early in case of problems. There were none but even though I was prompt in applying my return date only left 8 days of visa exempt stay, of course an extension could have been made to give more time but why complicate things and pay an additional 1,900 baht, right ??

Required docs for an O at Ayutthaya IO are : ( your IO could vary )

Passport and copies

Updated bank book and copies

Bank letter ( no statement )

2 x passport photos

Docs pertaining to TM30 , (wife/gf/landlord id and Tabian Baan copies etc )

TM87 form 

Various other docs provided by IO, overstay acceptance etc.

A map of my home address.

All docs/copies to be in duplicate, creating 2 x large piles of paperwork.

Your IO may request varying requirements, i.e. a friend going through the the same process in Sisaket IO didn’t require a home hand drawn map but was asked his religion and full name of his parents .

Paid 2,000 baht and the receipt stapled into passport and stamped with a return date of Sept 23rd.

Returned on Sept 23rd with only passport to get O visa stamp . O visa issued Sept 16th ( expires Dec 14th ), 10 days after applying which seems to be common from posts here.

IO explained I could return 45 days ( some Immigration offices are only 30 ) before expiry date for extension and would need 800k in bank for 2 months previously if applying for retirement extension.

All in all relatively easy process and will return to IO early Nov for extension.

Some reports that 800K in bank has to be proven to come from overseas although if in bank for many years usually overlooked, will see what happens on the day at Ayutthaya IO.



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Great report, thanks.

2 hours ago, DwizzleyMatthews said:

Some reports that 800K in bank has to be proven to come from overseas although if in bank for many years usually overlooked, will see what happens on the day at Ayutthaya IO.

Proof of an overseas transfer of the 800K is only requested for the change of status from Tourist to Non Immigrant (Non O application), not for 1 year extensions of stay applications, which only requires the said funds to be in a Thai bank account for 2 months prior to the date of application.

For those entering Visa exempt, or TV, wishing to apply for the Non O as a prelude to applying for a 1-year extension of stay, the requirements are;

Retirement:  VE-TV to Non O Retirement.pdf 
Thai spouse  VE-TV Non O Thai spouse.pdf 


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