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News Forum - Giant monitor lizard climbs up power pole to escape pack of dogs in central Thailand


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A ginormous Asian water monitor lizard was chased up a communication pole by a pack of dogs at a village in Sara Buri province, central Thailand, yesterday. The giant reptile clambered up the pole when it got chased and bitten by a pack of stray dogs, but then it got stuck and had to be rescued. The “Tua Hia” – also known as “Tua Ngern Tua Tong” – got stuck up the pole outside a house in the Mueang district for an entire hour, attracting a crowd of villagers. Villagers became concerned that the animal might get electrocuted and suffer […]

The story Giant monitor lizard climbs up power pole to escape pack of dogs in central Thailand as seen on Thaiger News.

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Had one of these in the garden once. Brute of a thing. I was getting ready to nail it with some gardening tools (although I confess I was none to keen on the idea) when suddenly I was surrounded by the local Thais telling me I was lucky to have one living here and I should leave it alone. 

Then the damned thing charged and suddenly I was the only person in the garden. That was lucky eh?

Anyway someone phoned the temple of all places and what I can only describe as the Ghostbusters turned up who caught and caged the damned thing. Was free apparently but I still gave them a crate of beer. 

Not had one since which is a situation I am quite comfortable with. 

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