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News Forum - Ex British squaddie commits suicide at Pattaya shooting range


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A former British Army soldier yesterday committed suicide at Pattaya Shooting Park & Adventure in the Huai Yai subdistrict, Bang Lamung district, Chon Buri province. The man, Ian Joseph, lowered his head, pointed the gun toward his right temple, and pulled the trigger of a 9-millimetre rented gun as staff stood nearby in shock. The 36 year old turned up at the shooting range in Pattaya at about 11.30am yesterday and fired 10 rounds at some paper targets before turning the gun on himself. The emergency services arrived at the scene and found the ex-British squaddie on the floor gasping for […]

The story Ex British squaddie commits suicide at Pattaya shooting range as seen on Thaiger News.

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soprry to read he was at that point of no return and din't reach out. I would bet they will outlaw foreingers going to gun ranges. Almost a couple years ago in Pattaya a foringer stole a 9mm running out with it. Eventualy after a long chase and standoff they said killed himself.

Maybe need to make people put on mood rings first before being allowed to enter? Is a joke, but kind of sort of not.


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Sorry and RIP, but honestly, hunting is illegal in Thailand so why would you need to go to a gun range? Also I believe it is illegal for any foreigner to have or carry a gun in Thailand. 

Aren't there enough ways to kill ourselves without guns?  

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RIP to this chap whatever your problems were at 36 years old there was a better route than this one.

The details are still fluid on this case however the facts should be out soon as its starting to get reported in the UK media.

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At that age the motivation may not have been simply depression but perhaps money/debt related.

Either way, always sad to see a young person go.

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Stand down soldier,
Your mission is done,
The danger over
There's no need to run,
You were trained well,
To obey each demand,
So take this and heed,
This final command,
Rest your body,
close your eyes,
As we weep the loss,
When a good soldier dies,
Bask in peace,
that you can enjoy,
Embrace it for us,
Let it too be our joy,
The life you have lived,
will constantly remind,
And bring on a smile,
to those you leave behind,
We thank you for your serving,
Your loyalty stood true,
And hope someday,
we will meet up with you.

{ Toby Dewick }

RIP Ian.😔

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