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News Forum - Thaksin predicts the opposition parties will win election in a landslide


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Talking on a social media chat program this week, fugitive and former Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra says the opposition parties, or as he described them, the “pro-democracy” parties, will win. And win with an absolute majority. The interview was conducted on ‘Care Talk’ on the Clubhouse app on Tuesday this week. Thaksin was speaking online from his house in Dubai. The discussion follows the current parliamentary debate over party list MPs. Party list MPs get their seats in parliament from a proportional system, not from winning the vote in their geographical province or seat. Now the government whip has decided […]

The story Thaksin predicts the opposition parties will win election in a landslide as seen on Thaiger News.

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I'm sure it will be a 'free and fair' election 🤣

Even if it goes against the current regime (which it probably will) they will very likely claim voter manipulation or fraud and ignore the result.


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I don't think it matters who wins. Every government is very corrupt and incompetent in its own ways. If Thaksin's parties win, I don't think that the Military will dare to carry out another coup. I think that the country needs a change to a different corrupt coalition.

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12 hours ago, riclag said:

Dont matter whos in charge sooner or later the military coup comes a callin in this country!

Until the political system defangs the military and those who maintain its influence on domestic policy, coups will be ongoing 

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