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News Forum - CCSA warns that new Covid infections could jump to 20,000 a day


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The CCSA says new Covid-19 infections in Thailand could reach 20,000 a day if the public do not take disease prevention measures seriously. According to a Bangkok Post report, 5,397 Omicron infections have been reported across 71 provinces so far. However, Dr Kiattiphum Wongrajit from the Public Health Ministry says deaths remain low due to the high vaccination rate. “Even though new cases are high, deaths are low. This suggests that the new strain is highly transmissible but less severe.” Kiattiphum has outlined 3 possible scenarios envisaged by the health ministry. The first – and best-case scenario – is 10,000 […]

The story CCSA warns that new Covid infections could jump to 20,000 a day as seen on Thaiger News.

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There is no value in testing. It has been proven that testing does not stop the spread. And now given that Omicron is resulting in fewer hospitalizations, testing doesn't provide an accurate forecast for future hospitalization and mortality. 








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I don't understand how some people can consider providing facts & expectations fear mongering.

If anything, the reiterations are boring: the forecasts are those of 2 weeks ago, the same recommendations are restated at every opportunity, we know the key characteristics of Omicron, etc.

It's just a nondescript set of CCSA statements aimed at boosting co-operation, confidence and optimism (small initial bed occupancy, home isolation possible, end is in sight, ...).

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Fauci ( top virus expert in usa ), say on tv ( MSNBC ), in december 2021 
both virus tests ( pcr and anti-gen -test )
not prove if positive tested people, can give viruses to other people.

what is not suprising because most positive tested are not sick or very sick.

Anti-Gen-Test : Minute 2:26 - 3:34 .
PCR Test : Minute 6:30 - 7:47 .


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