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2.25 billion baht approved for hiring 10,000 graduates


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2.25 billion baht was approved yesterday by the Cabinet for the hiring of 10,000 new university graduates for a year in order to help economically struggling people during Covid-19. The money will come from an emergency fund from the central budget established to deal with the global pandemic. 28 state agencies will be responsible for hiring these 10,000 new employees in positions in the provinces and in central urban areas, with workers earning 18,000 baht a month. The government plans on focusing on the 2.25 billion job hiring scheme first, followed by later plans to help entrepreneurs down the line, […]

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2 hours ago, Thaiger said:

 . . . in order to help economically struggling people during Covid-19.

And exactly how will a semi-useless graduate (rescued from imminent unemployment and having enjoyed 4 years smart-phoning at some of the planet's worst universities) help a struggling person? . . . by conjuring up work for him/her from out of nowhere? . . . by bestowing them with new skills? Tell me, Mr Prime Minister Prayut, exactly how.

This is how a good chunk of Prayut's recently transferred budget money, from 'health' to 'emergency needs', is soon to be put into the hands of 28 state agencies - aka cash syphons - for them to morph into recruitment agencies, to set these graduates on the road to Thailand's pandemic salvation.

The whole thing will be a financial disaster; a disaster that Prayut and Co will find themselves quietly sweeping under the carpet when people start asking tricky questions. You know . . . those questions that make him loose his temper, when he tries to get alcohol spays or banana skins to come to his rescue.

Cynical as ever, I will forecast that, in terms of return-on-investment, this scheme will register 20% or less, i.e. at least 80% will simply disappear down the usual gaping black hole where most of this junta-clone regime's money disappears to.

In a 3-word nutshell, this scheme will be a 'monstrously expensive soundbite' . . . a MES in other words.

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