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Good Morning Thailand | Phuket sandbox, streaming services, high-speed rail in Thailand


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Tim, Bill and Able chat about the latest news stories in Thailand today, especially the latest information about the Phuket Sandbox and the re-opening of tourism for Thailand. All the latest news at thethaiger.com

The post Good Morning Thailand | Phuket sandbox, streaming services, high-speed rail in Thailand appeared first on Thaiger News.

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As a prospective tourist to Phuket under the sandbox plan I must say that the requirements as I understand them are NOT impediments to my travel plans and hopes. I have already received both my vaccinations (AstraZeneca) more than two weeks ago but within the last twelve months. My annual travel insurance provides for "up to £10,000,000 for each insured person..." - the insurer has previously confirmed that this includes covid-19 cover but of course I would re-confirm this before travelling. I have no problem applying for a Certificate of Entry even though the Royal Thai Embassy is some 400 miles from me nor do I object to PCR testing before flying or after arrival. I will happily comply with all local regulations from mask wearing to not leaving the island in the first 14 days. I do not drink alcohol so it matters not one jot to me if bars are open or not. I should like a day trip to Phang Nga Bay but if this is not possible it does not become a deal breaker. I suspect Mr Newton's statements regarding the sandbox plan are deliberately provocative and I can not believe that he holds these expressed views in reality. I have used Thaiger as an excellent source of accurate information for some months now and will continue to do so  but would ask one thing. Please, please, please do not fall into the media trap of trying to make news entertaining or provocative; give me unadulterated factual information and trust me to be intelligent enough to form my own opinion.

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Hi, DavidK and welcome to T-T.

I enjoyed reading your measured comments regarding the need for news to be presented factually, rather than with some other driver colouring it.

Well said and all the best for you planned Phuket visit.


King Cotton

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