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News Forum - NGO warns jewellers to check suppliers, says Myanmar’s gemstone mining funds the military


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Myanmar’s multimillion-dollar gemstone industry has fallen into the hands of the state military which seized power in a coup on February 1. Human rights groups are now concerned that the luxury gemstone trade is funding the military’s bloody crackdown. All gemstone mining in Myanmar is technically illegal as all licenses issued by Myanmar’s toppled civilian government expired in 2020, a year before the coup, according to a report by the NGO Global Witness. The NGO says Myanmar is one of the world’s largest suppliers for rubies and many the source of the world’s most valuable stones. Here are some of their […]

The story NGO warns jewellers to check suppliers, says Myanmar’s gemstone mining funds the military as seen on Thaiger News.

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Yeah, too bad. I just bought an medium level very nice pair of earings for the wife for Christmas to compliment and match her beautiful ring I bought a couple of years ago. I really think these gems were prior of the take over from those junta dictator bullies as the market has been nearly zeroed for a couple of years now since covid and the borders being closed. 

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Good on Global Witness!

I hope many other international organizations (and social media users everywhere) take up the cause and publicize everything occurring there; as the old saying goes 'Sunlight is the best disinfectant'.

The Burmese military didn't launch their coup to assist average Burmese people to have a better life or to improve their country or to solve 'Voter Fraud' (if anyone doesn't understand the damage done to Civil Societies everywhere by Trump, this should explain it).

The Burmese military launched their coup in order to gain wealth and thus power for themselves and their extended families and off-spring. The way to deny the coup-makers their objectives is to deny them wealth and the freedom to use it.

Every human on the planet should boycott anything/everything that comes out of Burma until the coup-makers are hanging from the lampposts.

It is a terribly sad situation; the Burmese people are going to have to drive out the Bastards themselves. What we outsiders can do is ensure that no ill-gotten/stolen wealth is used in the process against the good people on the ground.

I truly can't imagine the suffering of the Burmese people over the last 50-60 years, but it needs to stop.

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