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News Forum - European regulators approve Novavax Covid-19 vaccine


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European regulators have approved the Novavax Covid-19 vaccine after months of delays. The protein-based vaccine takes a similar approach to that of vaccines long deployed against meningitis, hepatitis, and other illnesses. It provides European countries with another weapon in the fight against Covid-19, but according to a Bloomberg report, its efficacy against the newly-emerged Omicron variant is not yet known. Last month, Indonesia became the first country in the world to approve Novavax for emergency use. Last week, the World Health Organisation granted Novavax emergency use authorisation, after months of manufacturing problems that saw it fall behind Pfizer and Moderna, […]

The story European regulators approve Novavax Covid-19 vaccine as seen on Thaiger News.

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1. gates or rockerfeller foundation ( health donations ), and
any government, or NGO ( W.H.ealthO. , etc. ) in world,
who is involved in something, can not be trusted, from natural view.

( in % , few people, with much influence, by money, connetion and ownership,
not make life better, over the last many years, not even in western countries ).

2. from, corrupt science view, they are liked.
( lobbyism in government, as in health ministry,
and health is one of the most important thing, for a life time ).

both is nothing new. and both supported, novavax much.
( us government, gave 1.6 billion usd ).

3. i not have to trust, pfizer ( one of the most corrupt company in world,
and government like pifzer much ),
moderna, astra z. , johnson. , sinovac, sinopharm, sputnik, covaxin ( india ),
glaxo, novavax, etc.

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