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News Forum - Peaks Residences structures demolished after illegal building


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After years of conflict stemming from what courts ruled as an invalid land title in 2017, the saga of the Peaks Residences in Phuket is finally coming to a close. The residences that were built on land the Supreme Administrative Court ruled was illegally encroaching on protected forests at Kata Noi have now been completely demolished. The court gave the developers Kata Beach Co one year to remove all the Peaks Residences structures they had built and return the land back to its original condition within one year. Demolition was started on September 13 according to Karon Municipality officials, but […]

The story Peaks Residences structures demolished after illegal building as seen on Thaiger News.

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I do not like the Junta - but I gotta say that their cracking down on illegal constructions all over Thailand has been great to see.  For many decades wealthy Thais could do this sort of thing and get away with it and the local authorities and BiB let it go. The Junta/Govt has been very active in this area and they have done this sort of thing a lot - they have done this very well.

If somehow they could have other people run the other things in the country, and they could take over this aspect of Thailand society, then IMO that would be a great thing.  The 'military mindset' does not function best with the nuances and intricacies of 'managing' people who are not under their command. But their ability to cut through the BS and get places like this torn down, and many others all over the country, is very clear.  It is only because of their pushing and questioning that things like the red bull heir episode in 2012 are still being looked into and the corruption was exposed (too little too late yes).  But they were the only reason an Interpol Red Notice was issued in 2020 - even Interpol cannot get him. 

Credit where it is due - they have done a great job in this area. 

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Agreed! It's the best outcome. Good to see this area returned to it's natural state. Kata Noi is a beautiful spot. I have stayed there before and visit every time I go to Phuket. Over development is a danger though. It risks destroying the very beauty of the place that attracts people to visit. Also these hillside developments seem to be fraught with the danger anyway. With the prevalence of torrential rain, the hillsides become weakened. I don't think the engineering is up to the task of building strong foundations for hillside developments to last, long term. The best place to build is on the flat and Katathani Resort occupies that spot. After the Tsunami, that brought beachside developments into question. But it's still the best spot.

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