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News Forum - 500 cannabis clinics successful, Health Ministry plans to expand


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The Ministry of Public Health has opened more than 500 cannabis clinics throughout Thailand since the first one opened its doors in August of 2019. 60% of public hospitals now have cannabis clinics in 878 districts, and can be found in every single province in Thailand. More than 40,000 patients have now been treated with the use of cannabis. The Ministry of Public Health’s Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine oversees all of these clinics and the deputy director-general does the results have been overwhelmingly positive. 74% of patients who were treated in the clinics with some form of […]

The story 500 cannabis clinics successful, Health Ministry plans to expand as seen on Thaiger News.

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I am pleased that the medical side of Cannabis is going well; it is/was essentially a 'guaranteed' profitable business that was way overdue in getting underway.

The next step is to move quickly in favour of full legalization; some country in Asia will be the first to take the plunge, and that country will reap huge economic benefits (something the Kingdom could use). Whichever country goes first will reap the benefits of an instant market fully advertised, it'll be able to set up taxation systems beneficial to its circumstance, will be able to empty out a lot of its jail space, and will be able to roll out a regulatory environment that plays to its strengths and penalizes its competitors. Done properly, the first country brave enough will be the market-leader and the Weed 'Hub' of Asia for decades.

Hey Thailand; if the above isn't you, you'll regret it.

Medical Cannabis is great, but Thailand won't have fully arrived until I can walk down to the beach, toke on a large spliff, and enjoy the sunset. I hope that day comes soon...


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13 hours ago, Shade_Wilder said:

will be able to empty out a lot of its jail space,

Unfortunately not unless the meth users switch to marijuana. Around 75% of inmates in Thai jails are in for drug offenses. Over 90% of these inmates jailed for drug offenses involve meth, namely consumption, possession, production & selling of meth (ice & yaba). 
Drugs are classified in 5 different categories in Thailand. #1 being heroin, meth etc #2 cocaine etc #5 marijuana.

#5 drugs (marijuana) users are most often punished with a fine, not jail time, unless selling, so decriminalizing marijuana will result in less revenue not a lot less prisoners. Legalization will be many moons away, if ever, as many Thais view marijuana as a gateway drug.

EDIT: well, color my eyes red and call me out of touch… today the BKK Post just published an article stating the Health Dept is pushing to legalize marijuana and that marijuana has already removed from the new Narcotics list. 

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It's fantastic to have one of these clinics as far east as Ubon ratchathani. The only problem is: 

They just frankly refuse to give CBD oil to FARANGS 

I was of the opinion a patient in need is a patient - what colour of the skin should NOT matter 

The Dr said to me: I cannot give it to you because you're farang









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I have a daughter in the US who used the oil to help with sleep...I rarely sleep more than four hours at a time so thought I would try to get a CBD prescription here in Thailand.  Same experience as Pius.  Cannot even get my foot in the door...

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