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Labour party urges UK to close borders to Thailand, Vietnam


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The Labour party in the United Kingdom has suggested that the UK border be closed to travellers from Vietnam and Thailand, citing the appearance and spread of a variety of Covid-19 variants. Home Secretary Priti Patel was warned Friday night by Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds that the two Southeast Asian nations should be moved to the red list and travel all but forbidden. The move comes after the variant that had been nicknamed the Thai strain, discovered in Thailand on May 24, has been found in 117 Covid-19 infections in the UK, with over a third of them from […]

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we all know here in Thaiand that the so called THai strain actually originated in Egypt, and i will certainly be telling that to all my friends and family in England. I urge all British expats to do the same. 

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Hi, s.r.g. and welcome to T-T!

I and I dare say most others will agree with your anti-Thai strain sentiment. Those allegedly fake names have only added further fuel to what was already a big enough fire.

Have you heard which Greek alphabet letter will be used instead of 'Thai strain', since the WHO has decreed that these will now be used to identify the various strains?

I've tried Googling it but can only see that the UK (Kent), South Africa, Brazil and India have had their Greek letter identifiers well-publicised. Looking at the WHO website, it does give a few more new identifiers, including 'Theta' (the eighth letter in the Greek alphabet), for the strain that was recently designated as having originated in the Philippines, so maybe that is the one that is likely to be used instead of 'Thai strain'. We'll see . . . eventually.

Happy posting!


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The Thais are intent on imposing rules on foreigners entering their suppose Amazing Thailand, on weak and unjustified money making rules, so let them experience being blocked from the uK;

Most are just Thai bar girls bought in all expenses paid by the Brits anyway.

Keep the Thais out. They have nothing to contribute whether they are contagious or not.

Except for the scamming Thais that want to buy British property outright which is denied to the Brits in Thailand.

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