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60 Day Tourist Visa


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Hi  Guys

Sorry I posted earlier,  then thought about it further

Would this be allowed or possible  ?

To enter Thailand  on a 30 days Visa on arrival as a UK citizen as per normal.  But have a Flight ticket purchased at example -- 1st January 2022 - 28th Feruary 2022  As its showing a departure date from Thailand which is a requirement.

Would that be accepted as they would assume I will extend at the immigration dept and stamp me in as 30 days ? , and if I do this will the Thai Pass admin upon seeing the length of flight dates accept it or disregard it As I would be showing as just a 30 day tourist.

I assume there is a automated date checker that would flag it as wrong

Sorry to ask again and adding in this thai pass etc its confusing

I have stayed in Thailand well over 30 times so my passports clear and never had the chance to stay longer than a month due to work

stay safe and appreciate the help and advices

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With a Visa Exempt entry (30 days, no visa) the only system you'll have to deal with is Thailand Pass. Its requirements for Test and Go make no mention of a return flight and the information on the registration page (https://tp.consular.go.th/en/registration) only asks for your "Estimated Date of Departure from Thailand". I don't remember when you were planning on traveling, but, once within the 30-day application window, you could just make your application for the TP and see what happens. Another consideration  is that most air tickets are changeable without penalty right now so you could book for the short stay and get your TP, then change your return flight once you got the stay extension at immigration.

If you're planning on staying 60 days why not just go for a SETV? It's cheaper than the extension and then you don't have to play any games with the Thailand Pass system or immigration at arrival or when you go for the extension. Just a thought.

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How long do you want to stay for in total?

To prevent any issues or complications, make sure everything aligns.

For example if you intend to enter VE then your Health Insurance must cover the period of intended stay, i.e. 30 days. If you intend to enter TV, then the period of Health Insurance must cover the 60 day period.

If you intend to enter VE, then extend for a further 30 days, that extension is issued by internal Immigration and nothing to do with the requirements to enter Thailand. If that's your intention, then personally I'd purchase a 30 day return flight to match your stay granted by VE entry, then change the date of return when you obtain the 30 day extension, as @JamesE suggested.

If you want to enter VE and purchase Health Insurance for 30 days, but provide a flight ticket with a return after 60 days, you might encounter an issue is all I'm stating.

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