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News Forum - 20 year old Hong Kong activist convicted


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The youngest Hong Kong pro-democracy activist yet has been convicted and jailed under the territory’s harsh national security laws. BBC reports that the 20 year old Tony Chung was being tried for the crimes of secession and money laundering, and has been sentenced to 3 years and 7 months in prison. Beijing has been cracking down on activists ever since widespread pro-democracy protests broke out on the island in 2019. The young man was arrested by plainclothes police in October 2020, according to BBC. Chung was the leader of a small group called ‘Studentlocalism’ that supported Hong Kong seeking independence […]

The story 20 year old Hong Kong activist convicted as seen on Thaiger News.

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CCP = Bullies. F the CCP and their bully control force. None of any territory or countries want to have them in their lives being controlled.

  • Free Tibet!
  • Free Hong Kong!
  • Stay out of the Country of Taiwan!
  • Portugal named the sea originally. Let Portugal rename the South China Sea to South Sea and the CCP forced to keep their dirty little CCP finger's out of everyone's backyard.
  • Destroy those CCP manmade islands and put the CCP back in the gutter where they belong. Same with Russia.

Why the world puts up with these two monsters is beyond comprehension.

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So what do you propose? World War three? It's all well and good to have these aspirations. Right now, we are in the middle of a global pandemic that effects everyone. Interestingly, the pandemic has been a real wake up call. The common theory is, that it all began in China. Whether or not that's true, is beside the point. Many countries that have been supportive of Chinese investment, are seeking other partnerships now. China has withdrawn to protect it's people. Alliances are changing. I agree with the aspirations about Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan. I also am against the expansionist attitude of both China and Russia. Both countries can't be tackled militarily. But without trading partners, where would they be?? Therein you'll find the rest of the world's best answer.

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