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Metallic car paint


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Hi everybody,

I want to repaint my car in a different color: Camel Trophy Yellow LRC361, But I don't want a metallic paint, so I told the guy who is going to do it, But He' says he doesn't know what metallic paint is. I translated this in เมทัลลิค. This is the standard shop where mazda sends their cars. Is there a special name for metallic paint in Thai? I don't want to wind up with a car that looks painted gold
Does anybody know?




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I don't know the Thai name for metallic but you can, essentially have whatever colour you want and whatever finish you want.

Automotive paint in Thailand, and elsewhere, is mixed by the local paint distributor either to a formula or to match a sample.  The latter dependent upon how good the eye of the distributor is.  At the distributor you will often see guys from paint shops wandering in with a filler flap or a mirror from a car seeking a match.  A small batch will be mixed up to a formula and the distributor then dunks a piece of metal sheet in the sample.  If the customer is not happy with the result the formula can be adjusted on the spot.

I would ask the paint shop guy what brand of paint he is using and where he buys his paint. You could then either go to the paint distributor with the paint shop guy or go alone and approve the colour and finish yourself.  At the paint distributor you would expect to see a computer controlled paint mixing system, The base paint is usually white and precisely measured tint colours are injected into the paint.  Often half a dozen or more tints go into making the final colour.

My personal favourite brand is Nippon paint as it is the most widely used brand in SE Asia.  They also have an online database of colour formulations publicly available which you search by paint code.

If you are using a well established brand such as Nippon or Glasurit you will not have a problem with the quality of the paint.  Be aware that there are many less well known and cheaper brands available in Thailand.  Sure they will look pretty enough at the time the customer pays the bill but they tend to have very poor durability.

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Thanks for the answers. I don't want to wrap, because we will be going through the bush. 

The description of the way it goes, is a good tip for me. I can monitor it and ask the shop where they sell the paint about the finish, about metallic 

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