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Thailand Pass approved in 20 seconds ?!


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OK this is not a brag but may be useful to others.

I applied for the pass on Monday only a few hours after the system opened and as of now, 2 days later had heard nothing (got the confirmation etc but no approval) - then when I woke up this morning mentally went over my application and realised I had put returning for 90 days and sent them an insurance document for only 30 ! Doh !

So I just applied again, correcting the error, got the confirmation message immediately, then around 20 seconds later an approved email !!!

So whilst I was saying yesterday I don't think it will help constantly applying, I think I was wrong, I would now say that perhaps think about your application and the answers within, and if you're absolutely convinced you couldn't have gone wrong apply again. Because it's obvious no-one could have checked my application in 20 seconds so the approval process must be automated, so possibly if you're not getting the approval yet, something you put in the application is holding that automatic approval process up.

Further, clearly if there is a problem as with my first one, there is no automatic process to tell you, you've stuffed it up. So where do the applications with mistakes go ? Do they jut sit there, get rejected internally but no reply ?, get dealt with later ? Who knows.

By the way download the whole letter with your vaccination records AND then the individual bar codes for each vaccine below it (the same letter ok for both vaccines ie upload it twice)- I'm sure like it states, that speeds things up.

I hope maybe something in this helps others - it's a frustrating experience.

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Thank you for this post.

Same thing here: my friend and I have the same vaccination certificate (did it in the same place and time), same insurance company, same ASQ hotel: his application got approved automatically, while mine is still pending for review. 

I am starting to think I might have imputed something wrong, so it might be worthing applying again!


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@nacholf did u get it eventually? me and my friend are facing the same problem right now. If you applied again and DIDN'T get it automatically, how long did it take for you to get it eventually? 

Hope this works somehow :S it's kinda frustrating 

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