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News Forum - Thailand eyeing EV benefits, but consumer incentives remain unclear


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The Thai government is reportedly looking to spark local interest in electric vehicles, with the Finance Ministry poised to approve a number of measures designed to promote their use. The Bangkok Post reports a source on the National Electric Vehicle Policy Committee as stating the measures are expected to significantly bring down the prices of imported EVs. With the government targeting total domestic EV production of 30% by 2025, the source pointed to the necessity of stimulating interest at a local level. They noted that backing the import of EVs is the quickest way to promote their use, while the […]

The story Thailand eyeing EV benefits, but consumer incentives remain unclear as seen on Thaiger News.

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The interesting thing here, is where the electricity comes from to power the cars? If it means more coal fired power stations to generate the electricity to powere the cars, isn't that defeating the purpose? It appears our greatest challenge is power storage. Solar, wind, wave power. If these naturally occurring powers can be stored, then EVs have a real place in our future.

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Reality is unless they make E V's available at a lesser cost than the equivalent petrol or diesel motor then the take up will be limited .. only the commited will buy a E V that still costs more even with subsidies and incentives .. and at the present neither does Thailand have the charging infrastructure to accommodate mass take up of E V's .. also is the issue of HGV's that can put out upto 10 times the amount of pollution a car will .. Electric trucks at present only have range for city work and limited trunk work so moving goods long distances in a short time will be challenging for them .. and again charging capacity comes into play as truck battery packs are much larger than cars .. 

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