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Paddy Doyle's Best of the MHS loop


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Yep, watched 10 mins of it and enjoyed every minute of it.  Love his style. So laid back, so natural and yet so informative. That’s a gift.  Thanks. 

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Mae Hong Son is one of my favorites.  We first visited in 1982 when our children were young.  We took a boat down the Pai river and heard we could make it into Burma (now Miramar). We stopped at a border patrol post and were advised we could go but shouldn't take our youngsters. The policeman even offered to take care of our two children if we wanted go. 

We decided only to go to the border.  

Now I think there's a road, but the Longtail boat was great. The entire trip was great.

Many of the local people are actually Thai Yai and speak that dialect. My wife speaks Kum Muang (Northern Thai) and could communicate pretty well. I speak central Thai and didn't do as well. Nowadays everyone understands central Thai. 

If you haven't visited it's a special place.

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Hi, back in the nineties I trekked for 5 days with a Karen tribesman, Noi.  Visited him many times since with my wife and girls, staying at his home in the Karen village east of the airport and at Johnny’s guest house which ran. We became good friends but I haven’t been able to contact him for a few years.  We’re visiting Mae Hong Son in a couple of weeks and we’d like to hook up with him.

Noi will be in his late forties now.  He’s a small guy and married with two girls.

I’d be really grateful if anyone could kindly let me know if you’ve any knowledge of him?

Many thanks.

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