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Gated communities and Security - What systems are available?


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I live in a gated community that in the past has a security house staffed with a security guard.  Candidly they are nothing more than a decoration.  Despite changing security guards the gates remain open, they let everyone pass without so much as a question.  

I know there are systems where there is a permanent gate closure of the entrance and exit to the community.  Vehicles have either a bar code which is scanned upon entry and/or there is a keypad to punch in a code.  Exit is not a problem with a sensor that rolls the gate open. 

However, what do others do with legitimate vendors such as water, meter readers, delivery services, etc.  I know that some communities have it that a service such as repair or delivery is required to call the homeowner and the homeowner then transmits a code or provides to the delivery person a code to be keyed it the gate keypad that raises the gate.  What do other communities have here in Thailand and what do they do with services such as mail or meter reading.  

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I live in a gated community with only 1 way in/out , initially (4 years ago) there was a guard who would proudly salute everyone in or out but never stop anyone and the barrier remained up, shortly after he disappeared and the gate remained unmanned.

A couple of years ago an entry card system was mentioned but never appeared. Currently it remains unmanned but the headman has installed cctv in a variety of places, along with speed signs ( 20 kph max ) and speed bumps.

So deliveries, vendors, meter readers etc are free to enter and exit at will but, to be honest, the security has improved with the amount of cctv cameras installed versus the inactive security guard.

A family member has the “ drop ID card upon entry “ system and another has the “ call the homeowner “ system, in both cases residents have a key card for access.

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