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News Forum - Cobra Gold expected to be back to normal by 2022


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The military exercise known as Cobra Gold is expected to be back to it’s normal size by 2022. This massive joint military training operation between Thailand and the United States has been scaled down due to concerns over Covid-19. The exercise is one of the longest running military training events in the world that is has been held annually since 1982. It was originally designed to simulate a quick response to a regional crisis in the Indo-Pacific, whether that be either a military or a humanitarian operation. The operation provides an arena in which tactics and technology specific to the […]

The story Cobra Gold expected to be back to normal by 2022 as seen on Thaiger News.

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Given the prevalence of ridiculous rumours flying around Thailand recently, especially regarding the vaccines, I fully expect to hear a new one in tomorrow's edition of TT.

"During his visit, he reaffirmed his intention to see Cobra Gold not only get back to normal, but to expand in size."

Ah! Tomorrow's headline:

"US Commander mistakenly reveals invasion date!"

"Our cunning plan is to use the Pfizer vaccine to weaken the armed forces, then walk in and take over the whole country."

I only wish I were joking...


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And what happened to the 600 navy personnel this year that Phuket said would be coming after exercises with the thais..didn't they want them to boost the numbers of tourists.. maybe not enough massage parlours open for all the 'seamen'


Sorry can't find link

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Good to see Thailand keeping up ties with the West and Maintaining tactical Alliances with the US.

Just wondering what the Chinese and are thinking of such an Operation giving the realities of the not too distant past of Western Nations in Cambodia and Vietnam along with the current crisis in Myanmar.

I think that any Chinese war would surely be played out in South East Asia given its strategic location along with the 2028 prediction of China over taking the US as the worlds largest Economy. This Covid out break if man made could prove to be another nail in the coffin for the planet in more ways then one.


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