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News Forum - Domestic tourism hoped to generate 882 billion baht in 2022


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2 hours ago, DiJoDavO said:


I had planned to go to Koh Samui. One says this, the other says that. Then you check the rules, you may not go because of this and that. In the meantime the hotels say something else again. 

Now my plan is cancelled. They can say bye bye to their money. 

They want people to spend money, but they are scaring people away in the meantime. 

Maybe someone here has had recent experience going to Koh Samui and can tell me how it's going exactly?

I'd like to see someone's first hand unbiased experience. I'm weeks away from cancelling Koh Samui.

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Another "Clanger". Most Thais, I would think, aren't thinking about the next holiday. Their thinking about surviving the pandemic, surviving the year. International tourists have often been trapped in their home countries and saving every penny for the eventual freedom to travel. So keep those sandboxes going and guard the covid numbers in them. And get vaccinated. The countries who can afford to come to Thailand are tested and vaccinated. So when you get the opportunity get vaccinated, please do so! So many people want to come and visit! They need to know it's safe.

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Well I hope that the TAT do get the 1 Trillion baht they say. But one BIG BIG problem with that. Local tourism doesn’t bring in money. For every extra baht a Thai spends on a holiday, it’s one less spent on cars, fuel, clothes, housing, schooling, eating out and entertainment back home etc. This isn’t generating money, it’s just moving it around the country. Of course to the small hotelier or restauranteur in Phuket they don’t care less. But total tax revenues and income to the country doesn’t change at all.   

Nice story but they need to get vaccinating. Get their act sorted with regard to COE’s and all that Crap and get real. 

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So 882 billion is close to a trillion eh? To me it is 88.2%.

That much money divided by the 60 million Thais is almost Bht 15000 for every man, woman & child in the country. Is that spending or does 'generating' mean making profit. Either way it is total BS. 

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