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Top 5 IT stores in Thailand


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Looking for the best online shopping experience or store for purchasing the newest IT equipment like smartphones, Apple products, or notebooks? In Thailand, it can be hard to figure out which IT stores offer the best services, in addition to the best technology at the right prices. Moreover, as many stores can seem legitimate, their reliability can only be seen after purchasing, leading some customers to deal with the fallout over buying cheaper versions of the real thing.  Thus, it’s best to shop at dedicated IT stores or larger chain shopping centres that sell a variety of other things. Understandably, […]

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Having checked the Top-5 list, I'm amazed Advice isn't included. Indeed, in my neck of the woods, some way west of Sakon Nakhon city where I'm sure there'll be greater choice, there are only Advice shops - two of them and both within 15km - and, although rather limited in size and display range, their service and expertise has always been top-drawer.

For any other members, living some way from the big cities, the Advice store will be well worth a visit. I recently bought my new desktop PC from the Phang Khon branch (an Acer Aspire with hard disk and solid state drives (SSD), which is both super fast and super silent) and whilst they were transferring my software and other files from my old PC, they said they could restore that for next to nothing (1,200 baht), so that, too, has now got twin drives, performs like new and will serve both as a complete system backup, should the unthinkable happen to the Acer, as well as a useful workshop for when my kids come visiting. The staff at that store were both expert and keen to help in which ever way they could.

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