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Melbourne, Australia on week-long Covid-19 lockdown


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Melbourne, Australia second biggest city, has just gone into a sudden 7-day Covid-19 lockdown, after a recent outbreak. The city of 5 million people has new stay at home orders today for the next week, going into effect at midnight tonight and lasts until June 3. The lockdown will not just affect the city of Melbourne but the entire Victoria state. During the lockdown, people are instructed to stay at home except for essential work, healthcare, getting food and necessary supplies, and getting Covid-19 vaccines. The lockdown comes on the heels of a new Coronavirus cluster that has grown to 26 […]

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On 5/27/2021 at 6:00 PM, King Cotton said:

@AussieBob Calling AussieBob . . . are you OK? Whereabouts down under are you?

We are safe and sound up in Queensland - nowhere near Victoria - lovely weather up here and we have been able to play golf all through this pandemic.

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I hear Queensland is the state with most snakes, though.

You'd best watch out when you hit a ball into the undergrowth . . . yeeouch, or worse!

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Actually I saw more snakes when we lived in Thailand than I saw in Australia - and bigger ones too.

The 'lesson' I learned about trying to find a golf ball in the long grass is to make a lot of noice before walking in to look  (bang the ground with club)  then only walk in a straight line or a gentle curve. Most snake bites are because they think the person is trying to catch and eat them so dont walk all over the place - let them 'slide' qiuetly away from the direction where you are walkinjg.  And of course be quick about it and get out if not found quickly.   And dont hit it there in the first place :) 


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