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These guys never learn


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Mr Yuthasak said the easing of restrictions should help generate at least 500,000 tour packages via chartered flights over the next six months, of which 295,000 packages would be from the Russian market, for a total of 2.5 million room nights, followed by 130,000 packages from the UK and Nordic countries, generating 200,000 room nights.

Think they're off with fairys again - 130,000 packages from the UK.

Can really see that happening. (maybe in 6 months not the next 6 months)

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9 minutes ago, MrStretch said:

Is there something within Thai food or drink that  makes locals incapable of using math in a logical and meaninful way?

I like to think its nampla, in fact I like to joke that Thai's shoot namplan like heroin which results in many funny things.

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2 hours ago, JamesE said:

I'm old enough to remember 1,100 per day.


For scale, there have been 38,289 arrivals since 1 July. Which (if memory serves) is less than 6,000 for the entire month of September.

James, TAT is a great source of humour for us. It's arguably their job to promote, but they could do so with more realism so that we don't immediate (and correctly) ridicule them.

We "knew" that the sandbox hurdles would likely mostly be taken by returnees with families or properties here, not by scores of "real tourists".

And it may not just be TAT. I suspect the same is happening with vaccination doses, infection rates etc. Too many varying numbers are thrown out. Look only at exactly a week ago: the target vaccination number for last Friday day was 1m, the health office gave the figure as being 1.16m, the PM said in an interview 10 minutes later that it was 1.44m, the BP reported 1.6m... 

In time, the figures will be verifiable, but the careless "talking up" of the situation isn't believed anymore and doesn't do anything for Thailand's credibility.

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