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Vaccination numbers and further planning.


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The government claimed previously that a total of 152.9m vaccines would arrive this year. Plus the million they "forgot" about (donated by the USA), plus whatever more may be donated and/or purchased.

Official figures currently stand at 48m vaccinations total given (1st, 2nd and boosters).

The BP claims from official sources that yesterday 1.16m doses were given.

CM108 at the same time reports the Prime Minister personally claimed the figure yesterday was 1.44m (only a 280.000 difference).

So much for consistency or trustworthy figures...

The Prime Minister also claims that he is confident that this year a grand total of 100m doses will be given, amounting to 70% of the target population (44m people). I can't find what he defines as the "target population", but the figure of 44m is low if we consider the group 12 years old and up (86-87% of the total).

A few things become apparent.

1) They are still looking at 70%, which for delta isn't enough to open confidently.

2) We have 100 days until 2022. So at 1m vaccinations per day we should far exceed the 100m total, as they claim to have jabbed 48m already. It would also mean that some 53m+ doses would remain on the shelf by year end for some reason, or maybe the claim of 152.9m doses wasn't quite based on reality?

3) Now they have openly admitted that it will take at least another 3 months until we reach 70%, and that not being enough anyway, it is time to stop the mindless bi-weekly discussions about opening up. We are not coming off of any red-list soon with these vaccination numbers and still high infection- and death rates.

4) They need to make support packages available for the ones most in need.

Just keeping things murky with more lead balloon plans to keep people unnecessarily and unrealistically hanging on and hoping, really isn't on anymore.

Just my opinion.




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