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10 amazing animal sanctuaries in Thailand


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Ethical tourism is on the rise across the world, and Thailand is making sure it is a pioneer of such experiences. From elephant havens to gibbon rehabilitation centres, the Kingdom has made amazing efforts to help such animals who are marginalised. Moreover, upon visiting one of these sanctuaries, visitors can feel a sense of hope when seeing how these animals are being treated. Thus, one can only feel a warm heart after donating your time to animals that have been rescued or are in need. Thailand’s Top 10 Amazing Animal Sanctuaries 1. Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai This nature park […]

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The situation with dogs and elephants in Thailand is appalling. In an ideal world we shouldn't need sanctuaries and those the claim to be often aren't.

Of course it is not just restricted to cuddly mammals and apex species, the entire wildlife - flora and fauna - are under threat. Whereas many of these organisations have a good heart they are little more than a band-aid on the tsunami of cruelty and decimation of wildlife in the Kingdom.

There is also a worry that many people read about these institutions and sit back and relax . thinking everything must be OK if these "sanctuaries are doing there job.

In fact the successive governments have faced in their responsibilities to wildlife - both captive and wild - and the ecology of the nation.

Tourism , illegal trading, encroachment and poaching are rampant. Whereas Covid may have reduced the scale in certain areas, almost nothing is being done to restrict its resurgence.


Pele visiting Thailand and those who live here need to be more aware of the issues facing the country and act accordingly. Chose wildlife attractions carefully - close interaction and riding etc. should be avoided at all costs.

remember if it is really a "sanctuary" it should be a place where animals can live as near as possible to a natural life without interference for humans - they are not objects of entertainment.


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